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Hallo zusammen

Ich habe bei der eine Uhr bestellt.

Habe was ganz anderes bekommen und leider pro Nachnahme 169€.

Die Uhr war minderwertig, keine 5,-€ wert. Ich habe auch direkt an og. E-Mail geschrieben bis jetzt noch keine Antwort!

Es wurde mit Hermes Paket Nr. H1022490159596001068 geliefert.

Bitte um Rückantwort und weitere Verfahrensweise, da es sich hierbei um Betrug handelt.

The European Consumer Centres Network offers EU residents and citizens advice on their consumer rights and legal protections when shopping and travelling in another European Union Member State, Norway or Iceland. From our 29 offices, 150 legal experts provide advice and assistance in 24 different languages, free of charge.

The competency of the ECC-Net is residence based. As ECC Lithuania we can only intervene for consumers residing in Lithuania and having a cross-border complaint against a trader based in another Member state of the EU, Iceland, Norway or the UK. The aim of ECC-Net is to co-operate efficiently and promptly. Therefore please contact the European Consumer Centre in your country of residence. The colleagues will advise you:

European Consumer Centre Lithuania