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UAB "Kesko Senukai Digital" | Recent Purchase |

January 29 I wrote an email by mail and I did not receive any response.
Good morning,

I write with some disappointment as I have always found Senukai to be excellent in quality, value and customer service.

We bought a child seat online through Senukai and we had problems with the iso fix connectors, tried by three different people, it does not match the previous child seat we bought in terms of comfort, so we returned it to your store yesterday.

Where we were informed that the responsibility lies with another company, not "Senukai", and we will hear in the next 15 days!

I think this is nonsense, my purchase was made online from Senukai, so my contract and order is with Senukai, not a third party.

I do not wish to receive a replacement product and would like a full refund as soon as possible.

UAB "Kesko Senukai Digital" pateiktas atsakymas.

Good day,
We regret the situation and inform You that by the decision of the Company, your request was fulfilled and the money paid for the product was returned to You.

Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience.

We wish you a nice day!